A few years ago a friend of mine I will call David moved from a small town in northwest Indiana to New York City. Now, everyone knows NYC is not an easy place to move to, if you have any sort of financial limitations whatsoever. It takes careful planning and often months of scrimping and saving. Fortunately, David is an incredibly savvy businessman, and his move to Manhattan cost less than his tax return. How did he do it?

For one, he started asking people for moving advice and looking around online for the best discount movers well before he actually needed them. I think he started looking around May for a moving date in June. He said it was a phenomenally boring search, but he knew that he needed, for the sake of his budget, to find the best discount movers available. I believe he did. I am sorry to say I am not sure of the specifics, of who exactly were the best discount movers. But I do know that his relocation was one of the most painless I have witnessed.

Because he was looking earlier than most, he was able to find some great discounts and get a really superb deal on the truck. The labor, too, came relatively cheap, and he convinced some friends locally to help do some packing. He drove the truck across four states by himself, which itself saves a bunch of money, and then somehow unloaded it himself onto the streets of Manhattan before returning the truck, just forty eight hours after he drove it away from the rental place.

Where can you find the best discount movers? Since I am no longer in touch with David, I cannot help you there, but I can tell you for sure that it is possible to find a company that will make your move, which will inevitably be stressful, as all moves are, the most doable. The best discount movers are the ones who are willing to work with you, not just for you: they will accommodate your schedule, your needs, your things, and your budget. And the earlier you start your search for the best discount movers, the more they will be able to help you plan.

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