When it comes to planning a low cost move, there are a few things you should bear in mind. First, organization and planning is everything. It is far harder to plan a low cost move at the last minute, since premiums tend to go up the closer your moving dates and booking dates are to one another. Secondly, the internet is your friend in planning and executing any low cost move.

To start your planning process, determine what your budget is for the entire affair. Once you have the total budget for your low cost move figured out, it is time to call around and ask for quotes. Search for moving companies in your area using a search engine query, and call as many places as you can to see what the prices are for various rentals and services. Once you have your quotes in place, be sure to cross reference the vendors whose quotes fit the budget for your low cost move against the various consumer protection sites and third party reviews out there on the web. Very little can make a low cost move far more expensive than you anticipated than an unreliable vendor whose flakiness forces you into an expensive last minute rental from someplace else.

Once you have a list of reliable vendors who can provide you with the means of a low cost move, choose the one that best fits your budget, and book a reservation as soon as possible. You can also ask to see if some dates are cheaper than others to rent trucks and other items, assuming your dates are somewhat flexible. Sometimes a low cost move can be dramatically less that you had anticipated if you book your rentals on less popular dates, such as the middle of the week. Good luck, and happy moving!

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