Discount moving can exist in different companies during times where they are not doing a whole lot of moving due to the time that it is. There is often discount moving in the areas where there are universities between semesters. Towards the end of the semesters at the universities there might not be any discount moving because the companies have so much business with the college students that are moving out. Therefore a lot of college students will not be able to reap from the benefits of discount moving if they choose to hire a company that works this way. However there are companies that do things very differently to this and function almost in quite the opposite way. There are some companies that the more customer they have the more likely they will be to have discount moving. This way even if they do the services for a lower price they will be sure to beat the competition so in the end they have many more customers than the other companies. Therefore the more customer they have the more profit they well have in the end even if the individual profits are lowered just a little bit. Smaller profits can add up to a whole lot if you have many customers that are purchasing the services. On the other hand if you do not have discounts during this time you will probably not have as many customers. Therefore even if you are making a larger profit per individual that is buying your things in the end you might end up with a lower net profit than the company in the other case. There is a balance that has to be made between these things because if you do lower the price too much you may end up making the same amount of profit anyway or less while you are stressing yourself out than if you had less customers.

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