Finding the best discounted moving options may seem difficult, but with a little research, there are less expensive ways to move than hiring a full service mover. People looking for the lowest cost to move have a couple of options. The two least expensive means of moving, if you do not own your own truck, is by renting a truck, trailer or van or renting a moving and storage container.

Renting a truck, van or trailer may seem like the best discounted moving option, but it is not always the case. It is important to get quotes to find out what the exact cost is. Find out from the discounted moving company what items you need to pay. The advertised cost may sound low but after factoring in all the other related expenses it may not be such a good discounted moving option. If the fee is one price, but then you still need to pay for insurance, mileage fees and gas, the cost could be more than you planned. Moving by rental truck may be difficult if you are not experienced in driving a large truck. Check everything out before you agree to the terms and get quotes from three companies to find the best discounted moving option.

The other discounted moving option is to hire a moving and storage unit. These have become popular in the last few years. This is much cheaper than hiring a full service moving company. The moving container company delivers the container to your home or business. Once the moving company delivers the unit to you, you can take the time you need to load it with your household furnishings. After packing the unit, you simply call the moving company to pick the unit up and deliver it to your new residence or to a storage facility.

Other options for discounted moving involve checking on the web for coupons or by calling the company to see if they offer coupons or other discounts. Receiving the lowest discounted moving option takes some research, and the Internet is the easiest method to do your research.

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