Selling your home presents its own set of unique challenges. You must find a qualified Realtor, determine how much you want to sell your home for … and then obviously have people come in and see it for themselves. To lower your risk for negative reactions from people, use pods to store various household items and other things that might turn them off to your home.

You would be surprised to know … and your Realtor might even tell you … just how much people look at your belongings when they check out your home as a possible place to live. They often cannot get past the contents of your home and therefore cannot picture themselves living in it with all of the clutter that exists. And even if you strongly believe that your home is not cluttered, many furniture pieces and home decor items probably can go into pods, which can be then stored in your back yard or elsewhere on your property for you to access at your convenience.

With pods, you get to kill two birds with one stone. First, you are unloading items that may make your home appear cluttered so potential homeowners can picture themselves living in the space by imagining their own furniture in its place. Second, you can start the packing process early by loading up items that you do not plan on using until after you move into your new place. This trims down the total time it would ultimately take for you to move.

Pods let you pack and unpack whenever you have the time for it too. So if you prefer to stay up late and have lots of energy one night, you can pack up your possessions into boxes and then load them into pods. This beats putting everything into your car and unloading it at a self-storage facility, which may only be accessible during normal business hours.

Pods are very clean and extremely secure too and come completely empty, void of any dirt, dust, or belongings from someone else. They also feature a secure latch that is controlled only by you, so you get to store whatever you know you will not be needing in there so your home’s interior can be de-cluttered and spruced up for prospective homebuyers. Having a pod in your yard also is akin to having a self-storage facility on your property, so your fears or concerns about that property being stolen can be alleviated with pods.

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