There are a number of options for any family or individual who is moving across the country or across their town. If the move is to be a significant distance away from your current residence, contracting movers of some kind is probably your best option. There are local movers, who specialize when the move brings you to another place near your current urban center, and long distance movers, who specialize in the safe transport of your belongings to a place much farther from your current home. Many movers offer discount deals, and it is advisable to check the real estate section of your newspaper or the movers’ website itself for special offers regarding moving, truck rental, et cetera.

Some movers also offer Pods, which are portable storage units. These are useful for organizing your belongings prior to moving, storing them until you are ready to bring them to the new abode, or for extra storage space in general. They can be kept on your own property or in a climate controlled warehouse, according to your preference. As they are portable, Pods can also be brought to your new residence at a specified date by qualified drivers provided by the movers. You can store any number of items in them, including, but not limited to, family heirlooms, old clothing, books, and keepsakes from your children’s early years. Using Pods will help you to reduce the amount of clutter in your home as you pack, but it is a good idea to inventory what you put in which boxes and their location in the Pod, lest you forget and are forced to unpack everything you have already put away. Pods come in a variety of sizes to accommodate whatever amount of items you’d like, and they are delivered directly to your home.

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