According to a study, the stress of moving is third only to a death in the family and divorce. Moving definitely is not any fun and the whole process can be made easier when using PODS. The ability to pack up your stuff in a portable trailer and then move it across the country is pretty convenient. The best part about these trailers is that, not only can they be moved anywhere, but you can rent one and it can stay at your house with you!

Hiring movers can be a pain because trusting someone other than yourself with valuable breakables can be stressful and frankly, just not worth it. Long distance movers can assist you with moving but avoiding spending the extra money is possible.

By having the ability to get PODS delivered to you at your home, you have the convenient options of packing everything into the trailer on your own. Your belongings are stored exactly the way that you want them. Instead of having to move the trailer yourself, having someone come back and move it for you after it has been packed would be nice, right? When you use PODS while you are moving, that is an option.

If you want to pack up some things to store instead of moving them with you the process starts the same way. A trailer will be dropped off at your home and you can pack it at your convenience. When it is packed you can call PODs back and someone will be able to drive out, pick it up and take it to any storage location in the country. The storage facilities are secure so people moving do not need to be concerned about their belongings.

When using a PODs storage trailer you do not have to worry about driving a trailer anywhere, because the professionals will handle it. You can feel better about your belongings because you will be the key holder. Your first months storage is also included in the initial cost. Moving just got easier.

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