Long distance movers are faced with one of the most stressful events that a person will ever experience in their lifetimes. Although it seems amusing to think that moving can can so much stress, anyone who has moved anytime in their recent memories realizes understands their pain. No matter how one goes about it, how many people help them, or where they are going to, moving is one of the foremost pains of life. In fact, a study once found that moving was the third most stressful event in life after death and divorce. While it is quite easy to think of at least two other things that are, or would be, more stressful than moving, it certainly may be one of the top ten most stressful events that one will ever experience. However, not everything about moving has to be all bad, especially if movers enlist the services of pods. Pods can take a considerable amount of pain out of the moving process.

For those who are still unfamiliar with pods, they are basically large, portable self storage units that make moving much more efficient. When a mover decides to use pods, he or she can simply phone a moving company that offers pods service and request the number and size of pods that they desire. On the date that was prearranged with the moving company, the pods will be delivered to the residence of the customer, and left there for as long as the customer wants. Whether the customer needs the pods for days or weeks in advance, it does not matter. During the time that the pods are in the possession of the mover, he or she can simply load them up with any personal possession that will be making the move. As such, pods all but eliminate the hazardous clutter that is so common for long distance moves. Additionally, pods also makes moving day far less stressful, as almost everything will be packed in advance of the moving company arriving at the place of residence.

When the day of the move arrives, the moving company simply loads the pods onto their flatbed truck, and delivers them to destination. And it does not matter if the new residence is located across town or across the country, the moving company will get it there. With the efficiency provided by pods, why would anyone choose to move any other way?

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