Every parent wants what is best for their children. In terms of education, that means the highest quality of education, care, and support. Private schools are an alternative option to public education that many perceive as having these traits. Here are some reasons why you should choose the best local private school for your children.

Consider the ratio of students and teachers. Public schools have on average a 16 student-per-teacher ratio, while private schools have a 12 student-per-teacher ratio.

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This means that in private schools teachers will have a better ability to stay focused on your children. This translates to better support and greater attention to areas of struggle.

Due to public schools being funded by the government, there are more strict guidelines when it comes to what is allowed to be taught in classrooms. Private education allows for a more diverse educational experience in terms of what can be taught. In addition, private schools have a graduation rate of 95% as opposed to the around 80% graduation rate of public education. The focus on students and their education translates to more putting in the work to earn their degrees.

For additional information on why to choose the best local private school for your children, please review the attached video.


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