If there’s one thing all kids look forward to, it’s summer camp. Two glorious weeks of outdoor, supervised recreational activities and fun with friends. Children make new friends, take a break from gadgets, and learn to be independent. The video gives tips on what to pack for summer camps.

It’s beneficial to have a good bag to carry everything you need. Ideally, it should have numerous pockets and compartments, so it’s easy to find what you need without the hassle of unpacking, especially if the camp doesn’t provide storage.

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The clothes you need will be shorts, T-shirts, jeans or leggings, bathing suits, towels, underclothes, and pajamas. Label and pack plenty of each and don’t forget shoes. You can use baggies to separate the items.

You’ll have an option between taking a sleeping bag or bedding. Toiletries such as shampoo, sunscreen, and insect repellants are a must. The miscellaneous items you may need are a portable fan, a clip-on light, stationery and a journal, a camera, and travel games.

Camps usually provide a list, but you can start gathering items beforehand. Follow these tips and don’t worry if an item has been forgotten. Make a note of it for the following year.


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