Beach vacation homes enjoy a high demand, thanks to their uninterrupted ocean views. Renting out your beach house is a great investment that you can consider for vacationers. Here are ten amazing tips to make your beach house stand out.

1. Keep up With the Rental Market

The rental market is highly competitive, which means your beach house isn’t the only property in the market. As such, you should add extra effort to keep it competitive regarding listing and pricing. Here are some strategies to help your beach house stand out in the rental market and attract the most customers.

Set a Competitive Pricing

Many people check the price before booking with you. Find out what similar properties charge per night, then charge a considerably lower or competitive fee. However, ensure the price is reasonable to avoid making losses.

Take Compelling Listing Photos

Most booking decisions are made online nowadays, and only a few people may be willing to visit your beach property to view it. Therefore, you should get high-quality photos of your beach property, list it well, add reviews, and use Google Maps for proper directions.

Establish Your Differentiation Point

Find a way to set your property apart if it’s located among others. You can add a golf cart, theater room or change the house into a multi-unit property. If you are building the property from scratch, engage experienced new home builders for the best results.

2. Improve Comfort

Comfort is everything when it comes to a vacation rental beach house. Most people only visit the place to rest and relax, so you can make your beach house stand out by adding comfort features to the home. Here are important aspects to focus on.

Comfy Beddings

Bed comfort is an important consideration for choosing accommodation. Invest in a high-quality mattress and choose the right pillows for comfort and presentation. Choose a bright color for the bedsheets, and ensure the bed is always clean and well-made.

Wheelchair Access

Ensure your beach house is wheelchair friendly to accommodate the needs of physically disabled people. You can achieve this by adding designated handicapped parking, automated door-opening features, elevators, and a well-leveled main entrance.

Add Additional Amenities

Wi-Fi, laundry services, a hot tub, a swimming pool, and smart TV are some of the most sought amenities for vacationers. You can even offer free breakfast and other things that people like most to increase comfort and make your visitors feel appreciated.


Insulation is always great for beachfront houses, as it seals moisture and protects the hardwood floors. Blown in insulation can maintain stable temperatures, reduce noise, and make your beach house more comfortable for the guests.

3. Provide Beach Amenities

Your house is located along the beach, so the guests you expect will most likely be interested in swimming and other water activities. Providing the right beach amenities can make your beach house stand out because guests will readily get what they want without much hassle. Here are the most sought out amenities that you can provide.

Swimming Amenities

Swimming costumes, goggles, trunks, and caps are some of the most crucial swimming amenities. Ensure your beachfront house has plenty of these items to supply your guests on demand.

Boat Rentals

Boating is a common activity guests may need to do once they rent your beach house. Do you have boat rentals? You can acquire a few high-quality boats you’ll rent out to your guests. Alternatively, you can partner with a reputable boat rental service nearby.

Water Sports Supplies

Boats, jet skis, kayaks, and paddle boards can be a great highlight for your beach house if you provide them. These extra amenities make people choose your beach house over the others, so you can invest in some. After that, you can create a dedicated shed for storage. Depending on your needs and budget, a great shed builder should help with the construction.

4. Add New Appliances

Appliances make work easier and make your beach house stand out if you invest in the right ones. The availability of home appliances in your rental house creates an impression that you care about your customers and can help you attract more people and get excellent reviews.

Nowadays, many modern appliances are easy to use and energy efficient. Some are costly, so you can use part of your rental property loan to equip your beach house with the right appliances. Here are some appliances you may upgrade or acquire for your beach property.

Refrigeration Appliances

Beach environments tend to be hot with high moisture content. Refrigeration appliances like freezers, ice makers, and water coolers could be valuable in preserving beverages, groceries, and food.

Cooking Appliances

Common cooking items that you can buy include rice cookers, stoves, microwaves, and ovens. Get your kitchen appliances from reputable companies to ensure they are of good quality and save the most energy.

Washing and Drying Appliances

Washing appliances make cleaning more manageable for your guests. Common washing appliances that you can consider for your beach house include washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers.

Heating and Cooling Appliances

HVAC units are a valuable addition to help regulate the temperature in your beach house. Invest in high-quality heating and cooling units, and place them strategically in the house for the best results.

5. Update the Interior

Simple renovations and upgrades on your beach house can help attract more people to the property. Inspect the property and determine what needs to be changed. Is it the lighting, the walls, or the furniture?

Depending on the property’s age, you may need to change multiple things. After all, renovations are cheaper than entirely new construction. Here are important aspects to make your beach house stand out.

Organize and Declutter

Decluttering and organizing go hand in hand. Look closely at your beach house interior to see if you need everything there. You can boost the look and functionality of your beach house by simply removing some things and organizing the rest well.


Renovation is a great idea if the property is old. Remove the old window panes and frames, paint afresh, add a new kitchen cabinet, and update the flooring. You may also plan for a full bathroom remodeling process and equip the bathroom with modern, more efficient features.

Change Furniture

Replace the old chairs, sofa sets, beds, and even bookshelf and replace them with newer ones. Invest in high-quality furniture which is not only comfy but also improves the curb appeal of your beach house.

Change Curtains and Rugs

Curtains and rugs are often overlooked in a house but greatly attract people. Your curtains don’t have to be costly, but they should be classy and match the other aspects of your beach house interior.

6. Keep It Clean

Guests expect a clean and well-organized environment when they book and check in at your beach house. Therefore, it’s up to you to ensure the house is in pristine, excellent condition. Here are some tips to help keep your beach house clean.

Ventilate the House

Ventilation removes the musty and stale smells from a house and allows the free flow of fresh air in. Ensure your beach house is well-ventilated. You can keep the doors and windows open during the day when no one is around.

Remove Rubbish

Get rid of rubbish left by previous guests immediately after they go. Besides the trash bag, you can check for litter under the beds, on the shelves, and in any other hidden area. You can find an affordable dumpster rental if the rubbish is huge.


Rooms need regular dusting, even when no guests are around. Dusting should be done on the furniture, rugs, walls, and appliances like the TV. Get a professional cleaner for effective dusting.

7. Hire Pest Control Service

No one wishes to stay in a house full of pests! Not only are pests annoying, but they are also dangerous, and it’s unhygienic to stay with them. Some pests bite, others sting, while others damage your property. That’s why hiring a pest control service for your beach house is important.

As a property owner, the last thing you need is to replace your beds because pests damage the old ones. A great pest control company can help with regular inspections and treatments to ensure your beach house is not pest infested. Here are the most vital reasons to hire a pest control service in your beach house.

Better Equipment Handling

Some pests are harmful and require careful handling. Experienced pest exterminators come with the right tools and spraying equipment, producing better results quickly.

Long Lasting Results

Pest control is continuous because your beach house will receive different guests. A reliable company helps with regular monitoring and control, preventing the possibility of dealing with pests in your beach house.

8. Add a Patio/Deck

A deck is an incredible addition that can make your beach house stand out. From summer dinner cookouts to afternoon lunches, a good deck can provide an excellent resting area for your guests as they enjoy the outdoors.

However, your deck material should be durable to handle the high moisture in beach areas. Cedar is the most common material for beachfront decking, but you can still consider redwood or composite decking. A reputable deck building expert should guide you in choosing the right materials for your beach house.

Also, you should incorporate the elements which boost the curb appeal and improve the deck’s functionality. Here are some elements you can include to make your patio more appealing and make your beach house stand out.

Add Walls or Coverings

Walls and coverings are great additions to offer shade and privacy to the patio. Coverings allow little sunlight to get in and provide partial privacy. On the other hand, walls offer a completely shady and private spot. Choose the most suitable patio to make your beach house stand out.

Incorporate Built In Furniture

Furniture spruces up the deck and makes it more functional. Tables, seats, and bookshelves are vital accessories you may need to include on the patio.


Patio lights are great as they increase the deck’s appeal and make outdoor stays more manageable when the sun goes down. LED lights are the best; you can add them under the ceilings or on the ground.


Adding a paint finish is an affordable yet effective way of improving the curb appeal of your deck. Find the right paint colors that match the beach house’s other aspects to boost its appeal.

9. Put Safety First

Safety is a priority when renting a beach house. When guests book your property, it’s your responsibility to keep them safe, so improving safety is a great step to making your beach house stand out. Here are some practices to make your property safer.

Install Lifesaving Alarms

Alarms provide timely alerts when property damage occurs. Vital alarm systems to add to your beach house include a smoke alarm, fire alarm, heat alarm, and security alarm. Each alarm should be fully functional and well-installed for the best results.

Add Security Cameras

Security cameras can help you monitor what’s happening on your premises and help you detect crime activities in case they happen. CCTV cameras should be installed at the entrance and along the crucial high-traffic areas in the beach house.

Trim Long Trees

Trees provide shade and increase the curb appeal of a property. However, they can also be dangerous when they are long and left untrimmed. Find a reliable tree service expert to examine the condition of your plants and help trim the long ones.

10. Create an Inviting Compound

The compound of your beach house creates a first impression, and it should be stunning for your beach house to stand out. Many people will book the property if your compound is attractive because it seems well-managed. Follow these ideas to make your beach house compound more appealing.

Add a New Pavement

Pavements significantly boost the look of a compound and facilitate movement. Create a new pavement or renovate your old ones. Find the right materials, and hire experienced concrete patio pavers for the installation.

Create a Fireplace/ Barbecue Area

Beach environments are serene, and many spend time outside watching the tranquil views. A fireplace or a barbecue spot could be a great addition to keep your guests busy whenever they need to spend some time outside.

Add Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers make a house look more beautiful and lively. You can plant the flowers directly in the soil or use hanging baskets according to the size of your beach house compound. Be sure to use different flower species for excellent color combinations and fragrances.

Improve Your Beach House Today!

The demand for beach homes is high, and you can reap huge profits if you choose this venture. Hopefully, the above tips will give you great ideas on what to try and make your beach house stand out. Don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional whenever you encounter any struggles.

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