Moving into a new home is an exciting time. After all, you can look forward to being in a new location and decorating your new place. Maybe you’re finally in a neighborhood, city, or state that you longed to live in. However, moving can also be stressful and overwhelming, which is why it’s a good idea to have a plan in place. To help make your transition easier, here’s a list of what to do before moving into a new house.

Hire Professional Movers

As you decide what to do before moving into a new house, make sure one of those things doesn’t include moving everything on your own! Why put yourself through the additional stress of having to pack, unpack, and transport your items from one point to another, especially when there’s a long-haul move? There are trained professionals you can hire who can act as your moving project manager. With a reliable moving service, you can rest assured your items will get from your old house to your new house with ease.

Professional movers help save you time, energy, and stress. They’re also a great way to prevent damage or loss to your precious items. Imagine if you have large, fragile items such as a grand piano or a canopy bed. Do you want to risk damaging those items because you didn’t know how to properly move them, or you attempted to do so with someone untrained? Professional movers also offer insurance for your items. If something is damaged or lost in transit, their insurance can cover the majority of what was lost or stolen. However, if you attempt to move on your own, you won’t be able to get such coverage and you will just have to eat that loss.

Real life doesn’t stop just because you’re moving. You still have to deal with work, kids, social obligations, etc. So if you’re dealing with all of that and trying to move on your own, you may feel like you don’t have time to do anything. By having your movers handle everything from start to finish, you can carry on about your life while handling other things for your new home move, like shopping for new home decor, making friends, etc. Professional movers understand what to do before moving into a new house.

Take the first step in finding a moving professional by asking people in your circle if there are local movers they can recommend for you. Check online reviews and the Better Business Bureau to find out from other customers about the best moving option to consider. Call up your short list of moving companies to compare quotes. After all, the time of year you move can determine how much you may spend or save. Summertime is the most popular time to move, so it will be more expensive and it may be hard to schedule your preferred mover at your ideal time. However, if you’re planning a fall or winter move at the moment, you’re in good hands to save money and have less competition for your mover’s time.

Schedule Junk Removal

As you learn more about what to do before moving into a new house, you’ll understand the importance of knowing how to let go of things. Do you want to spend additional money moving more boxes filled with things you haven’t used in years and probably never will use? Why pay monthly for storage for items that are just going to sit there indefinitely because you may end up forgetting about them and not need them?

Before you call a junk removal company to throw out things that may still be useful, consider people who are in need. Look at the news media to see the problems many people are having due to the uncertain economy and homeless crisis. There are still many Americans who don’t have jobs and who are suffering in the wake of inflation. Some people may be getting back on their feet for the first time in several years and could use some additional work clothes and shoes. People may be dealing with not being able to get their children everything they need for school or the upcoming holiday season. You can do good by donating your gently used but still good items to the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, or a local church. Of course, if there are people you know in your inner circle or neighborhood, you can also directly give them items that you know they could use.

What to do before moving into a new house and you’re starting to feel strapped for cash? Utilize sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay to sell certain items. You can also have a yard sale right on your front lawn. You can also check out your local consignment shops to see what you can trade in for a fee.

Do you pride yourself on being eco-conscious? The right junk hauling company can also help you recycle certain items. Just remember, your typical junk hauling company doesn’t take anything hazardous or flammable. So if you’re trying to get rid of things like old batteries or paint cans, there are specific facilities that you can drop them off at. Remember, your electronics also often have trade-in programs. If you have things made of sustainable materials like wood and metal, those are easy to recycle. In addition to calling recycling companies, you may also want to tap into your local creative community to see if any artists would like to buy or take certain items off your hands that they can refurbish into their art projects. You may end up seeing some of your old junk repurposed in some beautiful jewelry or metal sculpture.

Shop for Window Treatments

What to do before moving into a new house that you want to make more comfortable? Invest in new window treatments, of course. Window treatments can enhance the appearance and functionality of your windows, as well as provide privacy, insulation, and light control. These features can be made from various fabrics, wood, metal, and vinyl.

You won’t be at a loss of choice when it comes to window treatments, as you can shop for curtains and shades, blinds, and shutters. These are things you could use on the inside of the house but don’t forget about your exterior. You can also install exterior awnings so you can help increase the energy efficiency of your home and provide adequate shade as needed. Your awnings also help add to your overall curb appeal. Consult with a professional window treatment company to learn about high-end options like Andersen windows to help you find the best solution for your home.

Hire a Remodeling Professional

You picked your new home for a reason. Maybe you love the size, the neighborhood, the floors, or the overall design. Even if your home construction is new and has many features you’re already in love with, that doesn’t mean you can’t change anything. What to do before moving into a new house that still needs your personality added? Call on remodeling home contractors to help. A remodeling professional can help you with any project, big or small, such as bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, flooring installation, or painting.

You can always focus on whatever stands out the most to you. However, if you’re unsure where to start, it’s good to know that kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the top two choices among homeowners. Kitchen remodeling often involves new countertops, especially those made from natural stone like granite or marble. Kitchen cabinet installation or refinishing is also a popular renovation. When it comes to the bathroom, in addition to installing new fixtures like dual-flush toilets, you may also want more storage. A new bathroom vanity is a good option as you can show off new countertops and have plenty of drawer space for your linens, toiletries, and so on.

Consider New Additions

As you look around your new home and prepare to settle in, you may realize you need additional space. What to do before moving into a new house that needs additional footage? Start by looking at your basement, attic, and outdoor living possibilities. A house addition contractor can help you see possibilities on your property that may not have been obvious to you. These professionals can expand your livable space by building a deck or patio. Decks and patios are popular with homeowners because they help keep a homeowner in touch with nature. According to Psychology Today, being in nature helps to create a sense of well-being and relaxation in people.

Why burn fuel and release carbon emissions into the air by driving to the beach or your local park when you can enjoy the comfort of nature right in your backyard? Stretch out on a lounge chair or couch on your deck or patio. Have friends and family over for a BBQ. Install a firepit for a beautiful ambiance and a small level of open-flame cooking. Once you have a deck or patio installed, you can kick things up a notch by adding an outdoor kitchen.

If you have an attic or basement, don’t waste that valuable space by leaving it empty or only using it for storage. If previous homeowners didn’t do so, you could finish these spaces off so you can have your own office, gym, entertainment room, or an additional bedroom. With the holidays coming up, having extra space for family or friends to sleep can make things comfortable for everyone. If you want to make back some of the money you’re spending on buying a new home, you may want to consider renting out your basement as a separate apartment.

Update the Paint

If you’re still wondering what to do before moving into a new house, and you want to start with something simple, it’s best to hire a local painter. Painting is one of the most effective and simple ways to transform the look and feel of your home. An interior painting contractor can make your room feel more relaxing by working with blues and purples. They can create a sense of energy by adding reds, yellows, and oranges. If you want a more sophisticated feel, they know how to work with black and gray. Is your kitchen smaller than you would have preferred? With a fresh coat of white or off-white paint, it’ll have more of an illusion of openness which can be enhanced by beautiful natural light coming in through windows.

Afraid of messing up your home by picking the wrong color? There’s no need to fret with professional interior painting contractors on board. Remember, they don’t just throw paint on your walls and walk away. These are trained professionals who understand color theory and mixing. They can take one hue and use different shades to create various effects. In addition to paint, they also have various finishes to make your walls look more shiny or matte. Some can also use decorative paint and plaster to add more texture.

During your initial consultation, you’ll go over your wants and needs. When meeting with the painting contractor. let them know what your favorite color is or what mood you’re trying to set. They’ll have color swatches for you to pick from to make the decision easier. A quality interior paint job can last about 10 years and goes a long way in protecting your walls. The right professional painters will only use high-grade paints, solvents, and finishes so your walls can be protected from humidity, dirt, and mold buildup.

Now you have a greater understanding of what to do before moving into a new house. You can update your paint job, add additional space, shop for window treatments, or build a deck. Remember, if you don’t know where to start, there are plenty of professionals who can help you. Start by hiring local movers who can help you get from point A to point B successfully. As you settle into your new home or beforehand, let home remodelers and painters upgrade your home as needed. Hopefully, this article has served as a useful guide to ensure your new home move goes to plan and you can enjoy your space well into the new year and beyond.

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