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People looking to move on a budget have two choices:

  • Truck Rental
  • Container Moving

The traditional discount moving option is truck rental. There are many national players that will rent moving trucks for local or long distance moves. This is often the cheapest way to move but there are several disadvantages:

  1. Hidden costs – many national chains advertise moving trucks as low as $19.95. The reality is that once you add in gas, mileage fees, insurance, and multi-day rental fees the total cost will exceed the minimum advertised price.
  2. You must drive the truck – some of the larger trucks are difficult to drive if you are not experienced with larger vehicles.

A newer option is containerized moving. With this type of move, a company will bring a storage / moving container to your house. These containers vary in sizes depending on your needs. Typically you can take your time to load the container and then have the company return and drop it off at your new home. If you are moving long distance, you can arrange for storage on either side of your move.

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