Unfortunately, despite what the title says, I am not about to offer you the secret to discount moving. But please, do not scroll away yet! I have some ideas from all the times I have picked up and moved that perhaps can save you a little time, money, and stress.

The first step to finding discount moving is deciding how you are going to move in the first place. Do you need to hire movers? If so, look around for local companies that specialize in what you need. Are you driving across the country? Do you have a piano? Can you make do with a trailer, or do you need to rent a truck too? Visualize exactly what you will need when you are packing, traveling, and unpacking so that you do not spend money on extra moving time.

Then, when you know precisely what you need, start looking online for coupons and other offers. Some shipping companies offer discount moving rates because they have extra space in the trucks. Look for deals that charge by hour, by day, or by distance, and decide which will help you move most efficiently and economically.

Also, take a look at friends and family in the area. Is anyone willing to help? Can you bribe them with your delicious recipes instead of paying them? Any way you can think to save money is discount moving, so be creative, without taking on too much extra responsibility. Maybe a neighbor has a pick-up truck you can borrow in exchange for mowing his lawn, or a relative does not mind doing some heavy lifting for a couple hours on a weekend. On the other hand, though, the extra effort in asking loved ones can be a huge hassle and still has a price tag, so it might be best to let the professionals do the work.

Discount moving comes in many forms, from shopping around for deals to doing it yourself. Movers are there to help you, though, in what can be a fairly turbulent time, especially if your move is far. Finding discount moving can help you find a balance between money spent and personal peace of mind.

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