It is inevitable that some time during your life you are going to move. Would it not make the most sense to plan your move affordability though a low cost move? A low cost move is not very difficult to plan, in fact it is easier than you think. First, it depends on where you are moving. If you are moving across the street or across the country there are definitely ways to make it a low cost move. Secondly, how much are you moving? If it is not much, then find a friend with a pick up truck and some buddies to help you move. The low cost move is then free (you might want to buy a few drinks for your moving friends though). If you have a whole house worth of stuff you may want to make friends with furniture sales people so that you can use their moving truck. Say you are moving within the same town, renting a moving truck for a day would be your best bet. Even if you are moving a few hours away, a moving truck can be a low cost move if planned the right way. There are moving companies that allow you to pick up a truck in your old town and take it to your new town, dropping it off there and saving by not having to bring it back. Now, if you are moving across the country you can either sell all of your stuff, take a one car road trip to your destination, or rent a moving truck. If you are really pressed for a super low cost move, finding someone with a van or truck that is willing to follow you would be great luck. Essentially, the fewer things you posses will allow you a low cost move.

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