Most people hire professional moving help when they don’t want to bother their family or friends. However, there are certain red flags you should watch out for when using a moving company. Below are just a few things to keep in mind. If you spot one of these, consider it a red flag which means you need to proceed with caution or maybe look for another moving company.

For one, does the moving company have verifiable insurance? You can ask them about it. Every legitimate business needs to have verifiable insurance. Movers who try to forego having insurance may also forego other responsibilities so this is red flag number one. Red flag number two is a request for a large deposit. A legitimate moving company should be willing and able to accept payment after services are rendered, not before. If a deposit is requested at all it should be reasonable and refundable. A moving company that requires a large non refundable deposit can be a clear sign they just might take your money and run.

Another thing to look out for is a bad record with the Better Business Bureau. When you are hiring a moving company you should always check them out with the BBB. Read any and all complaints and see how the moving company responds. If you take the time to do this you can spot some other red flags. For instance, more than one complaint for the same thing is a definite red flag and a sign that you should find another moving company.

Movers can find a good moving company by asking around. Your friends and family are sure to know of a good moving company. People that have moved recently are the best ones to ask. Just be sure you do your homework when looking for a good moving company. Once you find the ones you are interested in, sort them out further by asking for quotes. When you get quotes, make sure they are for the same amount of services. In other words, compare apples with apples in order to get the best quotes. A really, really low ball quote is also a red flag to watch for. Low ball quotes may mean the movers are not professionals, which puts your things at risk for loss and another reason to verify their insurance coverage.

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