Years ago, movers simply showed up on moving day and started lugging boxes into a truck. Those days are over. Today, professional moving companies employ state-of-the-art features from before you sign on to after you have moved into your new place. They offer these services for a few reasons. One is to set themselves clearly apart from other moving companies that may be similar to them. Another is to make their own lives easier. With dedicated communication and unique online tools, a smoother moving process is more par for the course today that it ever was before.

One wonderful benefit of working alongside professional movers is the speed at which you can receive a quote. Most movers today operate fully functional and visually pleasing websites where you may type in pertinent information about your impending move and receive a quote within seconds or minutes. Either the quote will pop up in a display or new window within the website or it will generate an email sent directly to the email address you give.

Most movers offer this valuable service as a way to make life much simpler for those looking to move. Of course, the information given is solely an estimate and not a concrete amount that you will need to pay once services are rendered. It simply gives you something to go on as you work your way down the list of potential professional movers.

Another nice function most professional movers provide is a fully fleshed out checklist. You can uncover these checklists online, but many moving companies go a step further once you sign up with them to almost literally hold your hand as you go through the process of moving. Their checklists are among the most comprehensive in the business. They move people every day, so they are and should be the foremost experts on this detailed process.

Aside from checklists, movers generally offer their assistance as you need them as you work up to moving day. This generally becomes more available once you book a moving company, but some places will offer their expert advice via their web chats or over the phone. For current customers, representatives are standing by to answer important moving-related questions, offer advice on packing and preparing for a move, and recommending ancillary services to further assist you. It is these places’ way of going one step beyond actually helping you move.

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