If you are living in an apartment complex somewhere and are planning to move to another complex in a different area, you should consider making your move with pods. The use of pods is an extremely innovative one because it presents a moving and storage solution in one. Think of pods like the backend of a moving truck without the cab because they are dropped off and picked up when you say so; no hourly fees and no fuss here. With pods, you can simply do what you need to do and then be on your way.

While most people think that pods are only for homeowners, as long as you have permission to drop yours in the parking lot of your apartment building complex, there is no reason that you cannot enjoy the same great benefits. Because pods can be oriented in any way possible, your can be lined in a space in the parking lot that is closest to your unit. You might have some distance to cover going back and forth to whatever you have to load into and in many cases, pods can get closer to you than a moving truck.

If you have thought that you would like a little help with your move, but can handle most of the task on your own, then pods are the perfect money saving solution for you. This is because when you are working with a storage pod, the physical driving of your belongings is taken care of, but everything else is up to you. While this leaves some daunting tasks ahead, you will most likely have less belongings than a homeowner being that you are in an apartment and that should help simplify things a little.

Of course, the most innovative concept of pods is that once you unload your things into your new unit, they can instantly double as a portable storage unit. When you are ready to make the final trip, the parent company can load and transport the pod to your new place, but when you are done unloading, they can store your pod with whatever is left over. Your belongings will be safely stowed until you require them again.

Because paying for a pod is like paying for a monthly storage unit, it will be easy to deal with. You can count on the safety of your belongings in transit and in storage. They will be there when you need them again.

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