The time has come for you and your family to head off to the next great challenge and start to think about moving to the next chapter. With every big move comes the anxiety of a new place, the sadness of leaving old friends, and the excitement of a new life. Consider hiring long distance movers to handle the move on their end and give you a chance to relax. The first step would be to start researching movers that service your area and getting some logistics down.

If you plan on renting a truck and driving it yourself to your final destination, contact a local movers truck company to find out who you can rent the truck from. If you anticipate a lot of people moving, say at the beginning or end of college semesters, you may want to try to schedule up to a month ahead of the planned move date. To learn more about unavailable dates, call the movers company you want to hire and inquire about potential availability. Be sure to inquire about the cost of boxes, blankets, and other ancillary items.

An alternative to the archaic truck rental might be a PODS system. PODS are personal storage units that, depending on the movers you hire, can be delivered to your house, loaded, and then picked up when you call the movers. At this point, the movers would move your PODS unit to your final destination or would put it in their storage facility. If you wanted, you can have the Pods movers store the unit in their facility and then be able to access the unit if you give the movers a 24 hour notice. Make your move easier by hiring movers and giving yourself some freedom to relax a little on your way to your new home.

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