Moving is not an enjoyable process. For long distance movers this is an immense understatement. In fact, after death and divorce, moving is the third most stressful event that a people may endure in their lifetimes. With the number of factors to consider, and for which plans need to be made in advance, pods can assist long distance movers in simplifying their moves.

While typical moving companies are always an option, a pod might be a more efficient choice. Before the availability of pods, traditional moving companies would often ask the individual or family to pack all small items and personal effects into boxes or crates, and to be sure that each box has a well secured top. The individual who is moving may even be asked to line up these boxes in neat, straight lines. This does, in the end save time and money for the customer, but it also leaves much to be done at the last minute, unless the moving party wants to be stepping on, or tripping over, packed boxes several days or weeks before the move takes place.

Pods can rectify this situation by allowing long distance movers to clean, sort, discard, and load their personal possessions days or weeks in advance. When movers decide that pods would be a wise option for them, they can simply contact a moving and storage company that utilizes pods, and request that one or more pods be delivered to their residence. The company will then deliver by truck the number of pods that the customer requested to their site. After receiving the pods, the customer may keep the pod for as many days or weeks that they need. During that time, the customer can load their personal effects into the pods, and whatever is loaded into the pods are out of the way and ready for transport.

When the day for the big move arrives, the customer, in the case that arrangements were not all ready made, can simply contact the moving and storage company that provided the pod and notify them that the pods are ready for transport. The moving company will come to the place of residence, load the pods on a flatbed, and transport the pods to the new residence. Whether you are planning a move that is across town or across the county, pods can be a valuable tool to organize, and simplify your move.

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