Let us face it; moving is a big a pain. In fact, moving is said to be the third most stressful life event behind death and divorce. Moving cross country and hiring long distance movers, can compound that stress. Because frequent travel between residences is not practical, long distance movers have to plan more carefully than those moving just across town. There are, however, moving options, such as pods, that can add convenience and efficiency to the process of moving.

For people who tend to be pack rats or hoarders, moving can be an immensely intimidating process. There may be an office corner with stacks of dog eared science fiction comics from the days of Nixon. But even pack rats need to throw away things from time to time; and before moving is a perfect time to do so. Still, there are things that have not been seen in years, which the mover will rediscover during his excavation and will want to save and take with him. Pods makes going through old junk more efficient, by allowing a person to sort, discard, and pack all at once. After arranging to rent a pod from a moving and storage company, the company will deliver the pod to the place of residence. From there, the customer can keep the pod for as long as it takes to sort through his or her personal artifacts.

Once the day for the big move arrives. The customer simply phones the long distance movers who are supplying the pod or pods, and arranges for the company to pick up and transport the pods to the new home. Actually, one may prefer to make transport arrangements at the time they request a pod. Seriously, though, using a pod is pretty simple and can be convenient for getting unneeded items out of the house and packed before hand. Simply put, once personal effects are loading into the pod, one will not need to handle them again until reaching the new residence, and the new hoarding process commences.

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