We have all heard horror stories about long distance movers. I have read complaints about things from broken antiques to missing computers. But not all movers can possibly be that bad. I imagine that people are just so busy when they are moving that they do not have time to go online and brag about how amazing their movers were. Maybe the only people who take the time to discuss this topic online are the few with something to really complain about, giving all movers a bad name. I understand the want to investigate other moving options, certainly. Pods, renting moving trucks, and selling off all belongings before a big move are all good options. But geez, that does not mean we need to be talking smack about the movers!

Maybe I am just the luckiest person alive, but throughout my entire life I have had nothing but great experiences with movers. And that statement represents no fewer than 10 moves. Maybe more. Maybe these Negative Nancys complaining on the internet just need to dig a bit deeper into their pockets and hire professional moving companies who know how to properly load and unload delicate items from a large vehicle. I am not saying that problems will not arise. Of course they will sometimes. But no way can you figure out those percentages on the internet.

Maybe those of us who have had good move experiences need to take the time out of our busy lives to go online and tell the world that our movers were fabulous. Our movers did a great job. Our movers were professional, prompt, friendly and sometimes even pretty cute. Just like we do when we find a good restaurant or a good repairman, let us also go online and talk about our good moving companies.

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