Mention the word pods to people a few years ago and they would automatically assume that you were referring to pea pods or something straight out of a science fiction novel. Today, mention the word pods to people and they think about portable storage units that are used by people to storage or transport items from one location to another.

Pods are a portable moving storage unit that has grown in popularity. The cost effectiveness of the units combined with the ability for people to move on their own time and own schedule have made these portable storage and moving units so popular.

Whether looking to hire local or long distance movers, the price associated with such a service is astronomically high. People who are looking to move can rent and use a pod moving system for a fraction of the cost of hiring a moving company.

A large portion of the cost associated with hiring movers is the need to pay labor costs. Movers charge to load the truck, physically drive the items to the new location, and unload the truck. This expensive is eliminated when people use pods, because the people who rent the units are responsible for loading and unloading the storage or moving unit. The only expense people experience is the price of renting and using the pod moving system.

The convenience of the storage pod moving unit is another reason this moving system is so popular. People are able to rent a moving pod system and loan or unload it at their convenience. This setup is ideal for people who may work odd hours and need to move their belongings on their own time.

The benefits that can come with using pods moving system has made these portable storage units one of the most popular ways to move and transport items.

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