Pods provides movers of any distance with a more efficient and convenient way to approach their prospective moves. Pods are helpful to long distance movers in a few different ways. They make it possible to pack and load belongings at the same time, reduce clutter, and protect your belongings while they await transport. Whether one is moving across town or across the country there is a Pod solution that will make your move as painless as possible.

After death and divorce, it is said that moving is the third most stressful life event. While this is debatable, that fact that moving is stressful cannot be denied. For those who find themselves moving a significant distance, there is not merely the physical move to worry about, but the prospects of tying up loose ends related to bills, address changes, leaving your old job, and starting a new one. Thus, even without moving, each of these things can be incredibly stressful on its own. And none of this even takes into consideration getting settled into the new place of residence.

Pods can help to lift a considerable amount of the burden of moving. For people who are interested in renting Pods, all they need to do is contact a moving company that offers some version of Pods and make the appropriate arrangements. Pods are basically large, durable, steel storage containers. They come in a few different sizes to accommodate the needs of individual movers. Once the customer decides upon the number and size of Pods to rent, the Pods will be delivered to his or her residence via flatbed truck, and left there for the customer to load at his or her own pace. Depending upon the needs and desires of the individual, they may keep the Pods anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

During that time, the customer can pack and load their personal effects into the Pods, where they will be securely locked for the duration of the move. By doing this, packed items will be out of the way and ready to go, and thus, reducing the clutter that is common during Podless moves. Once the day of the move arrives, the company who provided the Pods will send a truck to the premises of the customer, and the Pod or Pods will be delivered to the new residence, even if the destination is hundreds of miles away.

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