Performing arts schools provide tremendous, artistically fulfilling opportunities for young creatives looking to nurture their passion for arts. The process of applying for a performing arts school is a multi-step process that requires a proper amount of research into what it takes for a student to be enrolled and what the school itself is looking for. Let’s learn a little bit more about applying to performing arts high schools.

Some requirements for your application are internet access, an adult advisor, and money for application fees. It would benefit you to also bring a professional headshot.

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You should note that other requirements such as photos, videos, letters of recommendation, essays, and videos may be asked of you. It would be beneficial to call the school’s registration office to request that a packet be mailed to you.

A big aspect of applying for a performing arts school is the level of competition you should come to expect. Every school has its own criteria for admissions, and the number of admitted students per year varies on the size, prestige, and expectations per school.

To dive deeper into the application process for performing arts high schools, tune into the video we have linked above.


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