When it comes to school choice, parents often have a choice between public and private schools. Understanding what is the difference between public and private schools can help parents make the best decision for their child.


Public and private schools are different in the way they are managed, funded, and run. Private schools are generally run by private individuals, while public schools are run by the government.

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Smaller Class Sizes

Private schools tend to have smaller class sizes. This allows for more personal attention. They also offer more individualized instruction. These schools often focus on specific theories of education.


Private schools are usually more expensive than public schools. Tuition typically needs to be paid privately, since it is not government-funded.

Alternative Curriculum

Private schools often offer an alternative curriculum. Some of them specialize in educating children with physical or learning disabilities or who are deemed ahead of their peers intellectually.


Private schools are more selective. Private schools often have applications that parents have to complete. Aside from that, children may have to pass a selection process.

The decision to send a child to a public school or a private school is a personal one. All factors should be carefully weighed before making the final choice.


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