As this video explains, the bail bonds industry offers a varied number of bond types. How do you find a reliable 24/7 bail service, though? Detention officers and attorneys provide the most reliable source of this information since they work with these individuals each day, and know the honest from the dishonest.

If the lawyer or detention officer suggests more than one bail bonds service, you’ll need to make an educated decision. Check the reputation of each of the suggested services online. Look for a service that offers a high level of customer service and that its clients say proved easy to work with.

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Avoid two types of bond service – those with super cheap prices on fees and those with very high fees. Why? Because those services may be operating illegally. The typical fee for a bond service sits firmly at 10%.

Finally, check the score the bail bonds service earned from the Better Business Bureau. Although this score considers many items, it overarchingly considers how a business handles customer complaints. It also includes the number and types of customer complaints, length of time in business, and licensing when it applies. Following this process should result in your finding an appropriate bond service for your needs.


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