If you are looking for moving and storage pods that can help you to transport your things from one place to another with minimal expense and fuss, these products are known for combining some of the cost-saving aspects of a DIY move with some of the convenience of hiring professionals to help. In short, moving and storage pods are large, lockable storage containers that can be lifted on and off of a truck bed fairly easily. In order to make use of these pods in general, you reserve the pods you need when it comes to moving and storage, and fill these empty units with your things once the pods rental company drops off the pods you have reserved.

Once you have filled these pods yourself with your furniture, household goods, et cetera, go ahead and lock the unit back up. Call the pods rental company that you have used in this matter, and let them know that your filled pods are all ready to be shipped to their next destination. If you have a specific address at which these providers of pods can drop off your things, let the rental facility know that these units can simply be shipped to that location directly.

The really neat part about pods in general at this point is the option you have to simply store your filled pods at a secure location near the city you will be moving to, should you need a bit of extra time to secure a permanent address, et cetera. If this is the case, simply let the pods provider know that you wish to have your units stored securely nearby, and your filled pods will then be taken to a secure facility accordingly. A final call to the pods provider when you are ready then sees your filled units brought to your new place to be emptied at your leisure!

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