Unexpected changes can occur in any environment, and business locations are no exception. You may have noticed that your warehouses are starting to run low on space or that your current office location does not provide the sufficient accommodations necessary for your employees to remain comfortable. Whether you are looking for new storage options, an easy way to move office locations or a convenient method to transport materials to an upcoming trade show, Portable On Demand Storage (PODS) can help you. This easy-to-use service provides the perfect way for you to conveniently store and transport items, and friendly, courteous staff can assist you with every aspect of placing your Pods order.

PODS provides businesses with a pre-ordered number of portable storage units designed to assist with easy packing and secure storing of items. For example, PODS are available in multiple sizes and each container features translucent rooftop panels to allow natural light to illuminate the Pods‘ interior. They are also constructed from sturdy aluminum and feature roll-down style doors that are securable by using your own personal bicycle or gym locks. This can ensure that there is no unauthorized access to the Pods while they are being packed or used on your corporation’s grounds for storage.

One of the best aspects of using PODS is that there are no time limitations placed on the use of your PODS. Should you decide to use PODS for storage to compensate for an overcrowded warehouse, you can arrange for the indefinite placement of PODS on your grounds, provided you pay a monthly rental rate. Additionally, should you need the assistance of PODS to accommodate your office relocation, you can place your order months in advance and pack your PODS at your own pace before calling the company to transport them to your new office location. Many business owners choose PODS for this particular reason, as well as the wide door frames and sufficient interior space that can accommodate desks, chairs and other office furniture without the need to dismantle anything first.

You can find out more about using PODS by visiting the company’s website. Here, you can take a look at the dimensions of PODS the company offers, as well as get information about safe loading and unloading during transport. Additionally, you can easily contact the company’s customer service department to address any concerns you have or to get help with your order.

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