Moving is a hassle for everyone, no matter where you live now or where you are moving in the future. There is not even a good time to move during the year, Every season has the same issues.

First, there is the issue of all the stuff you have accumulated during the duration of your life at the current living space. Whether you have been there a year or ten years, you are moving somewhere else now and that means you must get rid of things. That does not mean storing them in pods for the next space. That means when the movers come, you have less stuff you are moving.

The next issue is that of cleaning. There are a lot of hidden messes within a lived in space like a house or apartment. The corners, under the bed and tables and of course, under the couch can all contain nasty little dust balls that will take on a life of their own and terrorize anyone allergic to dust when you are moving.

The next issue after that in regards to moving is that of the packing. No one likes to do this, in fact everyone hates it very much. Packing requires time, energy and copious amounts of tape and boxes. Waiting outside the grocery store at night for cast off cardboard boxes becomes your new hobby. Finding the most effective way to cram a lot of stuff into a small cardboard box runs a close second.

For everything else involved in moving, there is the issue of the movers. Especially long distance movers, who are so unusually careless with personal belongings in general. If you must drive across the country when you are moving, it is recommended that you do so with a giant van and buy new stuff when you arrive.

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