Pods available from long distance movers and even movers that focus more on shorter moving experiences for customers are extremely useful for a number of reasons. They are useful solutions specifically because they are portable, meaning they can be transported from a storage facility to your home in a matter of hours. They are durable, made from steel and other durable materials that are just as effective as a moving truck would be. And they create a more user friendly moving experience for you as a client, where you have more control over what is being packed and when it is being packed. Plus, it saves your driveway from being bombarded with movers on moving day and with a huge ramp that could get in the way of everything else you have to do on the day of your move.

More specifically, pods keep you from having to wonder where your items are at any moment. You store them the way you want items to be stored, so if you order a number of pods you can reserve one pod for one section of your home and another pod for the other section. This way, when things are unloaded in your new home, you will more easily find the items you are searching for.

Pods also are just as durable, if not more so, than the exterior of a moving truck. They are made from extremely durable materials, protecting everything you own for as long as the journey takes to your new residence. These pods are reinforced and are locked tight too, and only you and perhaps the moving company have the key to get into a pod at any given time. This makes you rest easier at night in the time before your move, when you will have enough other things to worry about.

Pods offer real value for your money too. They are generally pretty inexpensive and can be rented for a specified time or grouped together with the costs of your move. This flexibility means you get to choose how many pods you want and when you want them delivered to your home, which also saves you on precious time as you pack up everything. Once a box is done or a room has been completely packed, its contents can be loaded onto a pod, and that pod can be sent to a storage facility for storage until your move date.

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