Long distance moving or interstate moving is quite different from an intrastate moving. There are certain regulations that must be followed when transporting certain goods into another state, or even when just crossing one. For example, generally, plants require clearance when they cross the borders. Aside from these regulations that must be met, finding good long distance movers can be quite difficult. There are a lot of long distance movers and that is the problem. With so many of them offering the same service, the competition is so stiff that they resort to offering extremely low estimates just to get the customers. And since they need to make profit from the transaction, some long distance movers charge their clients more than what was on the estimates. These are the hidden charges which the customers are forced to pay because the long distance movers threatens them of not delivering their belongings. In some cases, the long distance movers will hire subcontractors to transport the belongings to another state. The problem with these is that many of the subcontractors are not professional movers. They do not know how to handle the belongings like professional movers. This usually results in damages to the belongings of the customers. In some cases, the sub contractors are not even familiar with regulations. They may then overload the truck. Once they are caught for the violation, the personal belongings of the customer are impounded until the whole matter is resolved. The poor customer has no way of getting his belongings and must wait for them for weeks.

Before moving it is therefore necessary to find a reliable moving company. To do this, one should compare the price and the services of the movers. If the price seems too low, it may be too good to be true. It is best therefore to find another company. Second, one should check out the other services offered by the moving company. One example is the types of move they offer. Do they offer full service only or are they capable of providing pods or portable containers which can be temporarily stored in their safe location? If they are capable of offering wide range of services it means that the company is stable enough to offer them. They are less likely to resort to subcontracting the job and in asking their customers to ransom their belongings. Lastly, it is important to check the background of the company. One should know if the company has been in the business long enough and if it is registered as interstate mover. This is important because the interstate mover knows all the regulations and restrictions in transporting items across the border. It is also important to understand the insurance offered by the company. This will allow one to decide if he should get more insurance with better coverage.

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